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Since the Corrosion Technology found, Acid Proof Bricks & Tiles are Prime material amongst all other anti-corrosive systems developed over the years. Some of the key features of the Acid Resistant Tiles linings make it indispensable in the modern world against the new entities.

Acid Proof Bricks Acid Resistant Tiles art lining

Why it is required?

Acid Resistance Tiles, Flooring and Lining becomes inevitable:

importance of art lining  Organic Compounds or Solvents in composition with other acid or corrosive material in substantial quantity.

importance of art lining  Chemical reactors or any other application where the process temperatures go beyond 125 ^c.

importance of art lining  Chemical process plant where acid or corrosive chemicals used along with heavy mechanical jobs, for example Galvanizing or Pickling plants etc.

Where it is required :

Acid resistant tiles & bricks are used in various industries where chemical exposure is maximum.

importance of art lining  Food Industries

importance of art lining  Pharmaceutical Plants

importance of art lining  Thermal Power Station

importance of art lining  Petrochemical Industries

importance of art lining  API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient) Plants

importance of art lining  Dyestuff

importance of art lining  Steel Plants

In all the above mention industries anti-corrosive tiles & bricks are applicable in various locations such as floors, chemical storage tanks,reaction vessels, effluent treatment plants drain etc.

Sizes avialable

Tiles are available in the thickness of 10MM, 12MM, 15MM, 20MM, 25MM, 38MM and 75 MM.

acid resistance tiles acid proof bricks

Application Process

In Acid Resistance Tiles Lining job involves, primer application, mastic bad formation, Acid Resistance Tiles Laying, joints filling and then the pointing (coating filling) the gap top edge of the joints.

Pointing is the most important activity other then all the activity involved in the Acid Resistance Tiles Lining.

Pointing Material:


The most commonly used 2 component (Powder and Resin) pointing material. Mortar has outstanding Resistance against both Acids and Alkali's up to its Specific conditions.


2 component (Resin and Powder) has better application against Solvent. FURANE is used for acid resistant bricks and tiles lining where maximum chemical resistance is required. Due to its high strength, excellent bonding & Acid & Alkali & Solvent resisting Nature.


Phenolic is used for acid resisting brick/tile lining where protection against Sulfuric acid is needed. It is recommended for pickling tank lining, reaction & storage vessels lining, floors, drains lining.

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We have developed a new Concept i.e. Brick with Groove.

We at Crescent offer a product and services with new innovative ideas to enhance the performance. In the process now we offer Acid Resistant Bricks with Groove on sides. These groves help to hold the Pointing material in a better way which in turn further reduces the possibility of failure for Acid Resistant Brick Lining because of Pointing Material.

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