Epoxy Lining and Flooring Enquiry

Epoxy Lining and Flooring application with a certain thickness on floor / wall of MS Structure and Concrete to enhance resistance power against physical, chemical and environmental attack, and also provide aesthetic appeal of floor.

Crescent is a seasoned manufacturer of strong, durable and high-quality epoxy floor services more than two decades. At nominal prices, our company has insisted on devising our valued clients with a variety of Epoxy Coatings. For better results, the latest technology has been employed while developing the product range. Our Epoxy Screeding Service are developed for giving heavy duty service on metal substrates. They give superior performance as they are manufactured using high-grade additives.

There are Many types of Epoxy Flooring and Lining:

thick film coating

  Thick film coating

self-leveling coating

  Self-leveling coating

Lining with silica quartz

  Lining with Silica Quartz

lining with glass fiber

  Lining with Glass Fiber

Three important steps in Epoxy Lining:

Application of Epoxy Lining and Flooring

Epoxy Lining and Flooring has a wide application for the name, few of them are:

protect m s structure

  To Protect M S Structure against Chemical Fumes (environment)

DM plant

  MS Tanks Outer Surface Holding D M Water, as DM Plant area always has Acidic Fumes.

water storage tank

  D M Water Storage tanks inside lining, as contamination of D M water has to be avoided.

protect civil flooring

  Floor Areas as well as vertical wall of Chemical Process Areas to protect the Civil Floor.

holding tanks

  RCC Holding tanks with mild Acid or Chemicals are there.

Chemical Process area

  Floor Areas as well as vertical wall of Chemical Process Areas to protect the Civil Floor.

Application Process

The performance of the epoxy lining to much extend depends on the surface preparation. Even if the utmost care has been taken in the selection of the epoxy, if surface preparation has not been done properly there are much possibility epoxy lining will fail.


Type of Surface Preparation Method

Sand blasting

  Abrasive Blasting (Commonly known as Sand Blasting).

hand tools cleaning

  Power / Hand Tools Cleaning (Grinding or Buffing)

surface cleaning with week acid

  Chemical cleaning. (Cleaning the surface with week acid)

thermal cleaning

  Thermal Cleaning


Product Application:

application of primer

  Application of primer on surface.

mix primer

  Application of Approved product mix on primer

mix primer first coat

  Application of Approved Product Mix on first coat.


Information need for effective coating and for Selection of the Epoxy and Type:

the aesthetics

  The aesthetics required.

type of floor

  The nature and type of floor.

nature and type of traffic on surface

  The nature and type of traffic.

hygiene room

  Whether sterile/hygiene room.

dust free surface coating

  Whether dust free or dust proof.

indoor outdoor coating

  Whether indoor or outdoor application.

type of thermal exposure

  The nature and type of thermal exposure.

type of attacks on surface

  Nature and type of chemical, solvent and oil attacks.

safety on coating

  Safety consideration during application.

cleaning surface

  Cleaning methods and budget.

Epoxy Lining Application Process