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Crescent PPG (Acid/Alkali) Chemical Resistant Lining

Crescent PPG Chemical (Acid/Alkali) Resistant Lining is a unique concept to protect the Civil structure from erosion of corrosive Chemical (Acid/Alkalis). This is not only required to protect the Civil structure but also to avoid the break down in Boiler of Power Plant or any Industries, boiler in a power plant require regular (Dematerialized) D.M. water supply to work, for the consistent performance of the boiler we require consistent quality of the water which comes from the Demineralised Water Treatment Plant (D.M. Water Plant). Break in water supply means break in boilers working and a break in boiler causes big loss.

PPG lining Chemical Storage Tank

Crescent PPG Chemical (Acid/Alkali) resistant lining has been developed keeping in mind to avoid the most common reasons for the failure of any Chemical (Acid/Alkali) Resistant Lining.

Failure of the Jointing Material

Where as in Crescent PPG (Acid/Alkali) Resistant Lining its not possible Size of the Sheet is 10 M X 1.5 Mtr and Homogeneous welding. Spark testing of all the joints which is not possible with Acid Resistance Tiles Lining (ART)

Failure of the Bonding between Principal Surface and Lining Material

The bonding strength of PPG With concrete surface is more then 36 Kg/cm2 with such a bonding strength its next to impossible to pill off.

Failure due to scant resistant Against Chemical (Acid/Alkali) and Both.

Crescent PPG Chemical (Acid/Alkali) Resistant Lining enjoys very high level of resistance against acid and alkali both.

It has been first introduced in 1995 by us and since then number of jobs has been executed by us through out India in most of reputed organization and our product has been patronized in industries like:

Crescent PPG Lining Clients

 Nuclear Power Corporation of India Ltd.

Crescent PPG Lining Clients

 Aditya Birla Group.

Crescent PPG Lining Clients

 Department of Atomic Energy

Crescent PPG Lining Clients

 Gujarat state electricity board

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Application of PPG Linings:

FRP Lining

 DM Plants.

FRP Lining

 Acid handling area, drains & pits.

FRP Lining

 Neutralizing pit / ETP (Effluent Treatment Plant)

FRP Lining

 Chemical storage tank

FRP Lining

 Battery room

FRP Lining

 Process area where the spillage of acid is there

Chemical storage tank Chemical storage tank

Initials job has been executed at Lupin and BHEL Bhopal, in 1995-96 and since then it has been working and not a single expenses has been required in that area. we have to keep or no

Crescent PPG (Acid/Alkali) Chemical Resistant Lining has many other silent features where it becomes the first choice for the end users (D.M. Plant operational persons), Executer Civil and Management. With all the features, advantages Crescent Chemical (Acid / Alkali) resistant PPG Lining getting acceptance in place of Conventional Acid Resistance Lining for the application at D.M. Plants, Other Chemical plants, i.e. Neutralization pits, Drains etc.

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