Prefabricated Drains for Chemical Process Plants

The areas prone to (acid/alkali) chemical attack required protection against erosion/corrosion. In the absence of the effective Chemical (acid/alkali) resistance coating/lining. Principal surface gets damaged. The damage will be up to the extent of to affect the regular operations of the plant or basic structure may get damaged

Particularly the process areas handled the Chemicals (acid/alkali) Drains carry the spillage/surplus of the process / Waste of the chemical process, to Effluent / Neutralization Pit. Effluent Pits / Neutralization Pit.

In Crescent PPG Prefabricated Drainage system Drains / Regeneration pits will be constructed in isolation and installed in the running plant between the gap of the two regeneration of the D.M. Plant.

Prefabricated Drains


Prefabricated Drains


Uses Of Prefabricated Drains for Chemical Process Plants

light weighted frp duct

 Very useful for the Chemical Process Plants, where the Shut Down or Brake Down is not possible, which is essential for the required Civil Rectifications and the Relining.